First of all, thank you for having an interest in me and my story.

I am a photographer currently living and working in Saint Louis, Missouri.  I have been a resident of Missouri for my entire life, despite a love of travel and places outside the Midwest.  

I studied art, art history, photography and journalism at Missouri State University where, also despite my love for things beyond my everyday, graduated with a BFA in art with my emphasis in photography.  

As far back as I can remember, photography has been a big deal to me.  If not always creating it, then for the joy of looking at photographs.  My interest was first peaked by watching and looking at documentary projects, both on television and in magazines.  

To this day I am amazed by the storytelling power of images, both still and motion.  It is this fascination that got me started in photojournalism and fine art photography during college.

Studying and producing images in both the photo-journalistic and fine art worlds has allowed me to develop a perspective on photography that I like to think is unique to me.  I find influences and photographers that I admire from both arenas inspiring me when I photograph.  

The photography that I make now is many times aimed at telling a story of sorts.  I learned through my formal and self education that a story can be told through one or many images and if the story isn’t apparent in the photograph itself, rest assured, there is one behind it.